Selection standard for bridge cast iron guardrail bracket

Bridge railing cast steel bracket is also called bridge cast iron bracket, highway guardrail, cast steel guardrail bracket welding bracket, guardrail bracket, cast iron bracket, anti-collision guardrail bracket, highway guardrail cast iron pipe frame, bridge rail pipe support.

In order to ensure the construction quality of the bridge support, and the convenience of installation, adjustment, observation, and replacement of the bridge support, whether it is constructed by the cast-in-place beam method or the precast beam method, no matter what type of bridge support is installed, the bridge support is installed on the pier. It is necessary to set a supporting cushion on the top. Bridge guardrail bracket is also called bridge rail cast steel bracket, bridge cast iron bracket, highway guardrail, cast steel guardrail bracket welding bracket, guardrail bracket, cast iron bracket, anti-collision guardrail bracket, highway guardrail cast iron pipe frame, bridge rail pipe support. Cast iron support process: sand mold molding, semi-finished products, sandblasting, and finished paint spraying

During the construction of the cast iron fence, the technicians will check and correct the illegal operation on the construction site in time. Put forward quality rectification orders and quality problem change measures to ensure that the quality of the project meets the design requirements and acceptance specifications.

Bus lane isolation guardrail:
The isolation facilities on both sides of the bus are separated from other lanes. Mobile isolation fence: an easy-to-move isolation facility without embedded infrastructure on the ground. Fixed isolation fence: Isolation facilities that are buried or prefabricated in the ground and fixed together.

There must be two parallel lines for the upper and lower limit, so that the upper and lower ends of the guardrail are straight after installation. When we produce lawn guardrails, we need to color the guardrails according to the needs of customers. What is the commonly used coloring method? Next, let’s introduce the lawn guardrail factory. According to the introduction of the lawn guardrail manufacturer, the commonly used coloring methods are: surface spraying: uniformly spray the selected color coating on the visible surface of the PVC guardrail. It can be sprayed on one side or on both sides. Variety of colors, flexible and convenient production. Extrusion method of dark profile: Add color masterbatch to the PVC profile formula, and extrude the dark profile through an extruder.

When installing cast iron fences, pay attention to the strict implementation of engineering quality standards. The variety, specification, model, and thickness of iron fences must meet the engineering and design requirements. The welds are fully welded and polished smoothly. It is beautiful, the production size is accurate, the product is horizontal and vertical, and it meets the design requirements and acceptance standards.

Product features:
The guardrail bracket is an isolation facility used to close both sides along the line to prevent humans, animals and non-motor vehicles from entering the highway. It also has the ability to absorb collision energy, force out-of-control vehicles to change directions and restore them to the original driving direction, preventing It has the effect of going out of the road or falling under the bridge. According to its mechanical characteristics, the guardrail can be divided into three forms: rigid guardrail, semi-rigid guardrail and flexible guardrail. Anti-collision guardrail, as a necessary facility for expressways, has a certain impact on high-speed driving safety, driving comfort, expressway landscape, and engineering cost. Therefore, when constructing expressways, we must fully understand the various anti-collision guard sections. Features include its anti-collision mechanism, project cost, ease of construction, maintenance cost, anti-glare facilities, and communication pipeline configuration.

The bridge anti-collision guardrail bracket is made of cast iron as the raw material. It is made by sand moulding-casting-semi-finished product forming-sand blasting-spray painting. In general, super large bridges, bridges and medium bridges such as expressways and first-class highways should be unconditional. The cast iron guardrail bracket is installed in the ground; the cast iron guardrail bracket is light in weight, low in price, convenient for transportation, installation, maintenance and maintenance; therefore, the use temperature range is wide. With the development of transportation, especially general highways, highways, and large and medium-sized bridges demand high-speed driving safety, driving comfort, highway landscape, engineering cost, etc., bridge guardrail brackets can be divided into welded guardrail brackets according to the manufacturing process. Cast iron guardrail Three kinds of brackets and stainless steel brackets. There are many specifications and models of bridge guardrail brackets, remind everyone to pay attention when choosing bridge guardrails: if it is a large or medium-sized bridge, you can choose a uniform style of guardrail, which can increase the beauty of the bridge; if it is a mountain or an alpine place, it can be used. Combined or beam-type guardrail; when encountering metal bridges, we should choose steel or alloy guardrails; when encountering particularly long bridges with large bridge spans, it is necessary to pay attention to adopting the appropriate type Or reinforced concrete wall guardrail.

Bridge guardrail refers to the guardrail installed on the bridge. Its purpose is to prevent out-of-control vehicles from getting out of the bridge, and to prevent vehicles from breaking through, under-crossing, overpassing the bridge, and beautifying the bridge building.

6. Pipeline mm/m. The deformation is small under the influence of temperature. The thermal conductivity is small, and the anti-freezing performance is better than that of cast iron drain pipes.

The company mainly produces various types of bridge cast iron drain pipes, mainly responsible for rainwater and highway drainage. The cast iron drain pipe is an outer steel pipe made of high-density steel with other additives. According to different drainage requirements, the inner diameter of the pipe hole can be divided into 0.10m-0.15m, and the lower end of the pipe should extend at least 0.15 below the road surface. -0.20m, in order to prevent seepage and wetting on the surface of the main beam ribs, the size of the pipe holes can be divided into 10mm*1mm-30mm*3mm, and they can be evenly distributed in the range of 360 degrees, 270 degrees, 180 degrees, and 90 degrees. It is widely used in drainage fields such as highways, railway roadbeds, subway projects, waste landfills, tunnels, green belts, sports fields and slope protection caused by high water content, as well as agricultural gardening and underground irrigation and drainage systems. Together with soft permeable pipes and plastic blind ditch, it has become the three main products in civil engineering construction (drainage and water seepage) in my country.

1. Drainage safety:
The orifice is located in the trough of the wave. Due to the dual action of the wave crest and the filter fabric, the orifice is not easy to be stuffed, which ensures the smooth flow of the permeable system.

2. Organic combination of strength and flexibility:
The unique double corrugated structure effectively improves the external pressure strength of the product, and the drainage system will not be deformed by external pressure to affect the drainage effect.

The choice of bridge guardrail form should firstly determine the anti-collision grade according to the highway grade, comprehensively considering its safety, coordination, characteristics of the object to be protected, and site geometric conditions, and then according to its own structure, economy, construction and maintenance. Factors such as the choice of structural form. The embedding method includes three methods: the column directly embedded, the flange connection type, and the bridge guardrail and the bridge deck are poured into one body through the force-transmitting steel bars. When conditions permit, the removable guardrail can be used.

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