The difference between iron fence and zinc steel fence

The iron fence is a decoration that has not changed for many years in the building, and it is a kind of inferior beauty to show people. The process flow of cast iron guardrail: cutting → forging → welding and assembling → polishing → painting → packaging. The cast iron guardrail has many shapes, but the color is single, the price is relatively high, it is not resistant to heat and cold, and is easy to rot when exposed to moisture. It must be painted once a year, and the consumption is extremely high.

Therefore, people who yearn for green and environmental protection gradually turned their attention to zinc steel fences. Only environmental protection art fences will become the bright spot of architectural decoration fences in the future. Zinc steel guardrail process: galvanized raw materials → punching → tapping → welding → polishing → sanding → pickling and phosphating → spraying → packing. Zinc steel fence is simple and generous, with many colors, moderate price, and generally has a service life of more than ten years! The guardrail has several major characteristics such as exquisite shape, high service life, economy and environmental protection. With its brand-new image and perfect design, it can even highlight the luxurious temperament and taste of the building. It is better to choose a fence or zinc steel fence, which is both beautiful and durable!

The characteristics of zinc steel guardrail.
1: It is not only harmonious and iconic with the surrounding environment, but also distinguishable from neighboring units.
2: High strength, no rust, long life, wide application range, unique structure design, variety of varieties, and beautiful appearance.
3: Good flexibility, rigidity and flexibility of the base material make fence products have better impact resistance.
4: Assembled in a variety of colors, it not only has beautiful characteristics, but also plays a better protective role.
5: The surface treatment of electrostatic spraying makes the guardrail products have a good self-cleaning function, and the rain washing and water gun spraying can be as smooth as new.
6: Bright color, smooth surface, high strength, strong toughness, corrosion resistance, antistatic, non-fading, non-cracking. Decorative fence.
7: Environmental protection, fine workmanship, reasonable supply and demand, strong craftsmanship, product surface is polished smooth, no burrs, anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment in place, uniform coating, good permeability, does not affect people’s visual sight, wind and rain, anti-aging, It is resistant to insect pests, has good use functions, and meets the safety distance and firm strength.
8: Good decoration, rich colors, to meet the individual requirements of different customers for guardrail products.
9: The price is reasonable and economical.

Post time: Sep-20-2021