Design Requirements for Iron Crafts

1. Wrought iron styling: Corresponding wrought iron styling should be selected for different decorative environments to meet the needs of the environment and atmosphere.
2. Iron art material selection: The selection of materials is determined by three factors: hardness of the steel, aesthetics and economical practicality. Ignoring any one of them may bring you irreparable regrets.
3. Iron art design: Iron art can design the iron flower shape and produce renderings according to the customer’s preliminary idea, but if further steps are required, a more precise design is required.
4. Iron paint treatment: Paint is like the appearance of people’s clothes. Choosing the right color will make your iron parts more style and distinctive. For outdoor products, please consider using “special anti-rust processing” to ensure that your products will not have rust problems within fifteen years after being installed outdoors.
5. Characteristics of iron forgings: Iron flowers are mostly forged products. Each shape is carefully crafted by hand. The structure pays attention to beauty and individuality. Therefore, there are special requirements for the design, and the feasibility of the shape must be fully considered. and aesthetics, so the above factors will be taken into account during production, and sometimes the shape, structure and size of the original drawing may deviate. If you must make it according to the original drawing style, please explain it in advance.
6. Iron art artistry: Iron flower is a product that combines design and manufacturing. The endless art determines the artistic perfection of iron flower.
7. Iron art safety features: In addition to its decorative properties, iron flowers are also part of the building structure, such as stairs, doors, wrought iron fences, etc. Therefore, there are strict safety standards for the height, width, strength, etc. of artistic shapes. You When choosing a certain product shape, you must weigh these factors and make a reasonable choice to meet the standards for safe use.
8. Iron art installation method: The same style of iron parts may produce completely different effects if used in different installation methods. Therefore, all items that need to be installed require technical personnel from both parties to jointly measure on site, determine the relevant data, and sign for installation. contract to facilitate the smooth progress of the installation work.


Post time: Nov-13-2023