The artistic value of iron art

Art is priceless. The design cycle, material selection, processing difficulty, working hours and other costs of iron art are not the value and price of iron art in the general sense. We still advocate and encourage Chinese iron art artists to develop more iron art works with handed down and collection value.

The collection value of iron art lies in its unique iron art culture. Its cultural connotation is enduring, has strong inheritance and value preservation, has irreplaceable value with other art materials, and can stand the test of time. The texture of its own metal material and the special quality of its deformation process determine its thickness, simplicity, masculinity and femininity. It is full of classical luxury and affinity, which makes people feel happy and has a gentle and elegant cultural atmosphere. Its bright steel luster, soft curves, simple lines, or intentional vicissitudes of rust have attracted more and more people’s favor.

Iron art has many advantages, but what you appreciate more is the original vicissitudes of iron art and its artificial hand-forged hammer marks rather than the marks of industrial machines. Iron ore can only become less and less. The more original and traditional the more valuable it is.

Industrial production cannot completely replace hand-made products. Iron products only have vitality if they are hand-made.

Because some complex shapes and humanized and personalized works cannot be made by machines. An industrial mold can produce hundreds or thousands of products, but each hand-made iron art work can only be a unique product, and there is no second one in the world. Humans can use machines to make iron art and assist designers in completing personalized works, but they cannot do without handwork. Iron art requires design, and the master craftsman can use design and enter into re-creation.

Therefore, the “gold content” of an iron art work, in addition to the basic length of time, material, and thickness, mainly depends on its design aesthetic content and the amount of hand-made wisdom, and whether it is a commodity or a work of art.

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Post time: Nov-17-2023