The future development trend of iron furniture

1.emphasizes the consistency between furniture and people’s personality.

The furniture produced by machines is “a thousand things have one face”, while the handmade furniture can meet the customer’s requirements of “one thing has a thousand faces”, can better express individuality and taste, and can better represent the spiritual orientation and spiritual orientation of modern people. Aesthetic taste. more attention to the scientific nature of structural proportions.

Mature and perfect iron furniture should also take into account the beauty of the dynamic balance of force, the beauty of the relationship between force transmission and the beauty of structural logic in its shape. That is to say, iron art production must not only reflect the aesthetic meaning of the subjective emotions of the designer and the user, but also be based on ergonomics. This is something that machine mass production cannot do. It is also the difference between modern iron art craftsmanship and old handcrafts. Where the skills differ.

3.While focusing on practical functions, iron furniture also pays more attention to the spiritual function and cultural connotation of the indoor environment created by the furniture.

Facts have shown that the more modern society becomes and the faster high technology develops, the more people need a high degree of spiritual culture to balance. American futurist Nasbitt predicts that the 21st century will be a “cultural century” like the Renaissance. People are increasingly demanding the cultural connotation contained in the furniture itself. Iron furniture is the culmination of the essence of Eastern and Western civilizations. : It has the gorgeous, rational and romantic characteristics of European civilization, and it also has the rich and mysterious tradition of Eastern culture. Excavating and carrying forward the essence of Eastern and Western cultures will make iron art more popular.

4. Paying attention to dynamic development and updating fashion is another trend of iron furniture.

The classicity of iron art lies in its ability to withstand the test of time, but different users have different preferences. Some people like Rococo style, some prefer Baroque features, some like simplicity, and some prefer complexity. This requires iron art designers and manufacturers. Different dynamic requirements must be analyzed in detail. Furthermore, with the development of society and the changes of the times, people’s values ​​and aesthetics will change to some extent. There is an issue of updating iron art design and production, which is obviously difficult for large-scale machine production to adapt to.


Post time: Nov-20-2023